is a los angeles based product designer & creative with expertise in the digital media space ✰✐

➱ Currently designing @ Google TV

➱ Previous designer @ Hulu

⤷ Invested in mental health, DEI, and cats

Three mobile phones containing screenshots of the Hulu mobile sign up screens

Hulu Sign-Up (2019-20)

TV display and remote containing pay-per-view on Hulu UI

Pay-Per-View on Hulu (2021)

Student Projects (2015-19)

Archived UX projects from my time at UCLA. Sko bruins babyyy! 2015-2019.

Logos of ticketmaster, Hulu, and 20th century fox

Internship Projects (2017-19)

Projects from product design internships at Hulu, 20th Century FOX, Ticketmaster. 2017-2019.