Purchase protection

a new feature on Hulu to help prevent purchase fraud. this was included as part of our pay-per-view launch.

A TV containing an identity verification page. A phone with a verification email. A TV remote.

project overview

Role: Product designer (livingroom)
Timeframe: Dec 2020 - Feb 2021

Problem: Shared streaming accounts had previously allowed for unintentional in-app purchases (ex. three people share an account, one can make a purchase without the primary account holder's knowledge.) With the upcoming pay-per-view launch -- aka high cost $70 fights -- it was more imperative than ever to ensure in-app purchases were as intentional and secure as possible.

Solution: I worked closely with another designer (on web) to create a cross-platform identity verification solution to help fight fraudulent charges.

This is live as of May 2021.

Wireframes of potential verification solutions

Initial flows for 3 identity verification concepts

Workshops & user flows

key process milestones

Design workshops, design critiques, product strategy workshops, guerilla user testing, stakeholder communication / presentation, high fidelity prototyping, development support.


1. Balancing the technical architecture with the speed of purchase for the end user led to many diagramming sessions and long discussions with key engineering stakeholders.

2. Workshopping a final solution that could scale for both identity verification and parental monitoring controls, while under a constrained timeline.

3. Balancing business objectives (fast! profit! sell!) with user needs of protecting purchases.

Final purchase protection design for TV