human first, designer second

hii i'm stacy! i'm a product and UX designer born & raised in lovely San Diego, CA. Currently i'm working on designing for Growth @ Hulu with an incredible group of passionate people. i'm a designer / creative driven by community, inclusion, transparency, & compassion.

in my free time i'm usually making content @internetstacy on mental health, well-being, self-care, and other human things. i'm super into personal development on an individual level, and hope to create meaningful & systemic changes on the mental well-being of larger communities.


Check out this interview I did for the high school LA Times (:

Or this other bad boi from the ucla digital humanities department

what else am I doing?

june 2021 - recently i've been into soap-making & going to mindfulness class! the last 2 great books i read were Essentialism and Minor Feelings.