Intern project archive

an overview of projects I worked on at product design internships with Hulu, 20th Century Fox, and Ticketmaster (2017-2019)

Hulu internship (2019)

Worked on a two blue sky projects:
1. Enhancing detail pages of non-sub browse experience (responsive web)
2. Prototyping features for 5-year Hulu + Live TV long term strategy (livingroom)

20th Century Fox internship (2018)

Shipped mobile redesign for enterprise tool FOX.AI, used to track show, movie & sports performance data across 20th Century Studios. Original product shown in photo 1; I designed iterations 2-8!

Ticketmaster internship (2017)

Worked on a 3 web projects throughout the summer:
1. Ticket resale experience
2. Artist detail pages
3. Interactive venue map