Student projects

some archived projects I worked on while in undergrad at ucla (2015-2019)! (:

kpcb application (2019)

UberVerify was a solo project I worked on to submit to the KPCB application in the 2018/2019 cycle. In my process I conducted user research with passengers & drivers, UX auditing, rounds of design conceptualization, and explored applications of communication theory within sharing economy apps.

I prototyped and proposed a code verification system to help mitigate risk of mismatched Ubers. Unfortunately my application was not chosen that year ): but I'm still proud of what I put together!

smart mirror (2018)

How can we elevate a regular bathroom mirror into something that can help the average student? This was a student project I worked on just for funsies. My role was to help conduct user research and design the mirror interface + voice interactions.

Although we didn't get to build everything in our ideal feature set, we did get an MVP built with some help from Home Depot and a Google Voice kit. Calendar, weather, & daily inspirational quotes were up and running (: