pay-per-view on Hulu

launched May 2021; a new feature that allows for users to purchase PPV events on Hulu

project overview

Role: Product Designer; In-App Upsells
Team: a working group of 200+ individuals from design, ux research, product, engineering, marketing, legal (the whole crew!)
Length: Dec 2020 - May 2021

As someone who's really not a sports gal at all, I truly felt my sports knowledge increase 10x while working on this project (basically a pro athlete now). First, I learned how expensive UFC fights can get *yikes*! And second that it's spelled "pay-per-view" and not "paper view"...

My role was to lead design of the in-app purchasing flows for PPV events, while working closely alongside 2 other designers for the sign-up and account purchase flows.


Hulu Press Site | Streamable | Engadget | FierceVideo


ONE TIME PURCHASES | By launching PPV, we've unlocked a completely new purchase type on Hulu. Through offering both recurring purchase types and one-time purchase types, we've designed the groundwork for an entirely new product offering on the service.

RESEARCH | Given the tight time constraints, we ended up partnering with  UXR to conduct user interviews while simultaneously creating the 1st iterations of our design. UXR was phenomenal in helping to craft thoughtful personas to integrate into & inform designs along the way!

ROAD TO LAUNCH | No project goes without a few bumps in the road. Luckily we got to work with some stellar engineering and product partners to quickly resolve technical snafus along the way. A few twists and turns, design changes, MVP solutions, and late nights, but all in the name of delivering the best experience in the time we had.

This is just a super high level look at highlights along the way. Reach out if you want to hear more in depth!