Pay-per-view on Hulu

launched May 2021; a new feature that allows for users to purchase PPV events on Hulu

UFC fight available for purchase on the Hulu TV app

project overview

Role: Product Design Lead for In-App Upsells, while working closely alongside 3 other designers for the sign-up and account purchase flows.
Team: a working group of 200+ individuals (design, research, product, engineering, marketing, writing, comms, legal....etc.)
Timeline: Dec 2020 - May 2021

Problem: How do we integrate a new product offering into the existing Hulu experience?


Hulu Press Site | Streamable | Engadget | FierceVideo

User flows on various devices

Screenshots of Hulu upsell touchpoints

Audit existing upsell touchpoints across all livingroom, mobile, and web

Certain blocked upsell flows due to regulatory reasons


1. A NEW PRODUCT OFFERING | By launching PPV, we've unlocked the capabilities to start offering one-time purchases on Hulu. Laying the groundwork for this new purchase offering has huge potential to expand what purchases within Hulu can be made.

2. $40M IN ANNUAL REV | This new partnership with ESPN+ PPV events is estimated to generate $40M in annual revenue for Hulu.

3. DECREASE IN PURCHASE FRAUD | With the launch of PPV, we also designed and shipped a new feature to provide two-factor authentication for in-app purchases on connected devices and web. This is estimated to reduce purchase fraud across shared accounts & ultimately reduce the number of customer service calls Hulu receives.

A mobile phone and a TV showing purchase protection steps

Purchase protection integration for PPV events